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Sales Promotions


End Of The Year Super Saver Equipment Deal!

Buy any 6 color, 6 station rotary floor press like the Elite 6600 or the Vista 6600 and a Cure Star 4000 belt dryer with any XPO exposure floor unit and get a D-162 flash cure unit free! I’ll still pay the shipping with no credit card fees and no sales tax except in California. Plus you get the awesome Catspit Productions lifetime guarantee on the press of course. Offer valid until January 31st 2018.

That’s a $425 value plus you still get the free shipping anywhere in the continental USA!

OR buy any Catspit brand package with a 6 color, 6 station rotary floor press and get $425 off the list price!

Call or email us for a quote on the equipment you want with this offer. 480-899-9089


All New Vista Series II For 2018!

The Vista Series rotary floor presses have been upgraded and redesigned with a sleeker look. This is our “up-grade-able” model where you can start with a 4 color 1 station and upgrade to a 6 color, 1 station or even a 6 color, 4 station. We also have a 6 color 1 station that can be upgraded to a 6 color, 4 station. Now all the pallet arms will be exactly the same and interchangeable. It’s a more refined build that is Ranar tough. The Vista press still has all the same great features like steel indexers and steel roller bearings. The unique compression spring and print head clamp bar are all still part of our awesome design. Check the ecommerce site for new images as we upload them to replace the older ones. The Vista Series II is ready for purchase now.

Buy a new Vista Series II 6/6 and get a sleeve pallet with bracket and a pocket pallet for free! Offer valid until January 31st 2018. That’s a $113.99 in freebies!


Excellent USED Equipment Available In The Phoenix Storefront Only:

4 color, 4 station non micro floor model - $1300

4 color, 2 station non micro bench top - $900

16x16 infrared flash cure unit with stand - $325

No sales tax or other hidden fees. Come in and walk out with your equipment today!