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AWT Textile Equipment

AWT Textile Equipment

The new A.W.T. Econo-Tex™ Automatic, the product of more than a decade of R&D advances, is the industry’s most versatile textile-printing system.

The Econo-Tex Automatic offers many standard features that other automatics have available only as high-priced options. The Econo-Tex Automatic helps small and mid-sized printers switch to high-speed automation easily and affordably — while printing even the most intricate images with greater flexibility and creativity.

When you purchase an Econo-Tex Automatic you not only get an advanced, high-quality printer, but also a company dedicated to providing you with a complete line of printing equipment and parts.

Made in the USA. The A.W.T. World Trade Group consists of A.W.T. World Trade, Inc., Graphic Parts International, Inc., American M&M, and General Cylinder Press. The A.W.T. World Trade Group has sales & distribution offices in Chicago, IL., Miami, Fla., and Holland, Netherlands as well as distribution channels through hundreds of successful, independent dealers across the globe. A complete manufacturing source for screen print equipment, supplies, parts and rebuilt machines, A.W.T. was the first to develop and integrate into their equipment Worldwide Remote Diagnostics, reducing down time and repair costs. Their machines are built in a way that can allow the user or machine mechanic to service and maintain them eliminating costly specialized technicians. Many parts will be readily available to the user locally. Give us a call to discuss all the details of these powerful machines.