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The Difference Between Fixed Pallet And Rotary Pallet Screenprinting Presses

So what’s the big difference between a fixed single station screen printing press and a multiple station rotary press? Yes, the former has only one fixed, immovable pallet and the latter has multiple pallets that rotate around the press. But why is one type more efficient than the other? I made a video trying to explain this but I had to add notes and summary notes to be sure I was being clear. The bottom line is this. A rotary press with more than one pallet that moves around the press is more productive than a single station fixed pallet press. The reason why? On a 6 color 6 station rotary press we can flash and cool off the shirts while we continue to print. Contrastingly on a 6 color 1 station fixed pallet we need to flash and cool each print individually one by one. That can slow down production a lot.

But having a rotary press does not inherently make you a faster printer. Yes, it will be more efficient and more productive than the single station fixed pallet presses. But in the end the print job itself will determine how fast shirts are moving off the press. Your particular print experience and personal habits will also affect production time. And furthermore a 6 color 4 station press is not necessarily slower or less productive than a 6 color 6 station press. You can do the math and see that adding two pallets does not double the production rate. Check out this video and pay close attention to the notations that will pop up during the video. You will also see a comparison of printing on a single station and a rotary press. After reading this article, the video should tie things up so you can make your decision on buying your screen printing press with more knowledge and understanding.

Many people often ask why there are multiple pallets on a rotary screen printing press. Understanding how to maximize your rotary press to increase the efficiency and quality of your printing is essential. The whole concept behind the rotating print head carousel and the rotating print station carousel is based on maximizing the screen printing process especially when printing multiple colors using a flash cure. The following article and videos should help your understanding of this.



It is easy to see that a well operated manual press is much like an orchestra of the manual rotary textile screen printing press in concert with the human body. When done smoothly and consistently, it can speed up the production as well as increase print quality.