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6' Wood Squeegee Handle

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5" tall profile and 6 foot long piece made of heavy Poplar type wood which is dense and smooth. No pine sap oozing out of this handle. Use this wooden squeegee handle to make your own custom size squeegees. You can buy 6 foot rolls of different squeegee durometer and glue them in with cyanoacrylate glue like super glues. Use a fine blade in a band saw or table saw to cut the wood handle and squeegee blade smooth. Finally use a fine sander to finish the edges.

*5"x6' wooden handle length.

**Please Note: this item is 6 feet long and when added to the shopping cart with other items it may cause a shipping calculation error. If the shipping calculator refuses to give a quote please remove the 6 foot wood squeegee handle and place a secondary order for it. It's simply a matter of dimensional weights and the UPS maximum box size.

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