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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

AWT Accu-Print High-Tech HL/RP™ Flatbed Press

by AWT

The Accu-Print High-Tech HL/RP™ flatbed printer combines the leading attributes of the High-Tech HL™ and RP™ printers. The result is a four-post microprocessor-controlled flatbed printing system for high-speed production of virtually any rigid panel (glass, wood, metal, etc). It offers exceptional ease of operation and print quality along with the ruggedness to handle heavy panels.

The registration system has one electric eye for missed sheets. Further enhancing its versatility are features such as automatic transport, parallel peel control and vacuum system with blowback.

The remote diagnostic feature, which uses a phone modem connection to link the onboard microprocessor to the A.W.T. diagnostic computer, reduces costly service calls and cuts downtime by up to 80%. The print area ranges from 22 x 30" (56 x 76 cm) to 52 x 120" (132 x 305 cm), with print speeds up to 500 pieces per hour.

Standard Features:
• Five-point Masterframe lock-in print head
• Industrial timing belt drive with heavy-duty, preloaded, ball-bearing print carriage
• Improved micro-registration
• Aircraft-quality, Stay-flat™ all-aluminum vacuum table
• Wrap-around safety bar with micro switch stops at all corners
• Instant service worldwide with phone-modem diagnostic system
• Advanced ink recovery system
• Parallel peel
• Solid chopper assembly with four air cylinders
• Patented, upfront stroke adjustment
• Adjustable blowback and vacuum timing
• Print-and-flood stability system for smooth riding chopper assembly
• Electromagnetic table locks to secure bed position
• Automatic transport system
• Safety curtain for light protection
• Front or rear carriage stop mode: Toggle switch on the main control panel stops carriage in flood (solvent system) or non-flood (UV curable) mode.
• Universal Masterframe: Accepts all frame types, including roller frames. Disengages from support arms for better access during setup and cleaning.
• Four-point off-contact control: Easily accessible turnbuckle settings and rear screen holder height adjustments.
• Four-point Masterframe lock-in Ball bearing head lock for the tightest repeatable registration performance.
• Tool-free peel rate setting: Allows infinite adjustment to the automatic peel system from 1/4" to 1".
• Tool-free position settings for front and rear screen holders: To accommodate smaller screen sizes.
• “0” Off-Contact: Allows minimal off-contact settings to take advantage of today’s high-performance, high-tension screens.
• Three-way mode selection: Timer, Jog and Foot Pedal.
• Independent squeegee and floodbar speeds: An essential print quality control feature.
• Squeegee/floodbar angle adjustments: For absolute print control on challenging jobs.
• Independent carriage stroke and head lift drive: Assures a smooth, even print stroke.
• Belt-drive, Heavy-duty, Ball-bearing Print carriage: Ensures quiet, trouble-free/vibration-free operation.
• Wrap-around safety bar with Lift-Back™: Protects operator with four-point microswitch protection.
• Sliding front and rear pneumatic frame clamps: For fast setup and changeover of different size screens.


• Dripless squeegee system
• Control interface module
• Expansion to multicolor
• Double glass-stacking system
• Electric eye for missed sheets
• Servo-driven micro-registration
• Pre-squaring system
• Stand-alone control interface module completely installed
• Right angle conveyors
• Inspection tables
• Infrared, quartz, UV and hot air dryers