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Econo Series Screen Holder Rack For Washout Booths

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Screen Holder Rack For Washout Booths

This is a galvanized steel rack made of 4 pieces and screws. This is designed for use inside washout booths to hold the screen during screen making or reclaiming. It can be used as a drying rack on the floor as well as a free hand washout rack for those home brew situations. Lightweight and easy to assemble. It can be set up with 2 different heights. See second photo for optional assembly method. When used in the Ranar Econo washout booths you can work with 20x24 and 23x31 screens at the highest position. **This rack is included with the Ranar Econo Washout Booths**

Dimensions: 24 inches wide by 23 inches deep. The V racks hold the screen at 3.25 inches above the sink bottom. If assembled with feet flat it will be 1.75 inches above the sink bottom.

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