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Catspit Screen Print Supply

High Opacity Orange Plastisol Ink Gallon

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High Opacity Orange, GALLON - This is a very high quality plastisol screen printing ink for the money. Very economical and it performs great. This is a high opacity plastisol ink for dark garments. You can print this on an under base or without an under base by using the color as its own under base. Simply print the color, flash and print again. No need for an extra white under base screen. If your set up is proper you may even print this with a few print passes and no flash. It all depends on your set up and your skill level.

This ink is easy to work with and learn with as a beginner yet these inks will perform well enough to please the most experienced screen printer. The colors are bright and intense with excellent wash ability and durability. It is recommended that all standard colors be printed on a white under base. This ink is priced right and made in the USA. Try it today and we are sure you’ll be very happy.

Plastisol inks may require up to 3 days to fulfill due to stock.

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