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Lemon Yellow Water Based Textile Ink - Quart


Amex Arsen Manoukian, AM1002.20 GIALLO LIMONE LEMON YELLOW - quart

Opaque water based ink for textile printing. Ready to use. Ecological.

This is an Italian water based textile ink for direct printing on light and dark fabrics. Suitable for cotton, jersey, Lycra and other natural and synthetic fabrics like polyester. This ink has a very long drying time but traditional methods for water based ink printing are recommended. It has a very smooth yet pasty consistency much like frosting. It will not run on the screen when it is in the up position. Working with this ink compares to working with plastisol inks due to its thickness and long evaporation drying times.

Heat setting instructions:
Use a forced air flash cure or a forced air belt dryer for best results. Heat set at 285 degrees F or about 140 degrees C.

In order to avoid drying on the screen:
- Use a sufficient quantity of ink on the screen during printing. Smaller amounts will dry faster.
- Be sure to back flood between prints. You may also use a spray bottle to wet the stencil as needed.
- A humidifier could be beneficial in very low relative humidity environments such as desert areas.

Store in original container at temperatures between 50 degrees F and 77 degrees F OR 10 degrees C and 25 degrees C. TEXPRINT will preserve its features for at least 1 year or more from the date of purchase. If stored properly with the lid on the container tight, it may last for much longer.

Clean Up and Disposal:
This water based ink is actually water based. You may clean up with water. Do not allow to dry on screen or on utensils.