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Mel Mel Mesh Prep Degreaser Quart


QUART - This is an economical chemical designed for screen printing. Mesh de-greaser is used to ready the clean mesh for coating with emulsion. De-greasing the mesh will remove grease, debris, dirt and other particulates from the mesh making for better emulsion to mesh adhesion. This will help you create a stencil much easier. Proper mesh preparation with de-greasers will enable you to get detail off in the washout booth.

707 Super De-greasing Detergent. This product is used to clean and remove grease, dirt, debris, oils, or other contaminants from screen mesh prior to coating with emulsion. This prevents pinholes, fish eyes, half moons and improves emulsion to mesh adhesion. Wash hands after use or handling.

USAGE: This product is designed for all mesh fabrics. After using mesh abrader, wet screen, apply generously and scrub into a foam. This product may be diluted 1:5 with water. CA compliant drain safe when used properly.

FIRST AID: Eyes - Flush with water for 15 minutes, seek medical attention if irritation persists. Ingestion - Drink large quantities of water and seek medical attention immediately. Skin - Wash with soap and water. Seek
medical attention if any irritation occurs.

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