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Nylon and Polyester Bonding Agent

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2 ounce bottle - This is the nylo bond agent featured in the YouTube video about printing nylon and satin baseball jackets. This is an additive which, when mixed with plastisol inks, will provide adhesion to most water-proofed nylon jackets and other satin or slick polyester garments. This product works satisfactorily with most plastisol inks on the market. Please perform testing before giving your product to the customer.

Mixing instructions:

Add 10-15% additive to the plastisol by weight. To obtain a 10% addition, the following is recommended:

To 1 qt. white add 6 oz.

To 1 qt. color add 4 oz.

For more effective bonding on more highly water-proofed garments use 15%:

To 1 qt. white add 9 oz.

To 1 qt. color add 6 oz.

Mixing by volume:

Mix in standard opacity plastisol inks at a rate of 1 part of additive to 5 parts plastisol (by volume). For high opacity plastisol inks, mix at a rate of 1 part additive to 4 parts plastisol.

This ink mixture may be printed directly on water-proofed nylon. Less than 10% additive may prevent proper adhesion or diminish abrasion resistance. More than 15% additive may diminish opacity and shorten shelf life.

When additive is first mixed with plastisol, it may lower the viscosity of the ink considerably. If the ink is too thin to print successfully, allow the mixture to sit for a few hours to slowly thicken.

The additive may not work as well with high opacity inks and should not be used with Low-Bleed Inks.

Shelf life:

10 percent mixture: Up to 16 hours.

15 percent mixture: Up to 8 hours.


The additive/plastisol mixture must be cured just like regular plastisol. Curing temperatures should not exceed 285-300°F (140 to 149°C). Over curing is not recommended as this may affect adhesion.


If cured correctly, prints should be sufficiently dry for handling and light stacking when they exit the dryer. DO NOT TEST FOR ADHESION UNTIL 72 HOURS AFTER PRINTING. If prints do not resist scratching or digging with a fingernail, this may be an indication that insufficient additive wasused. The more additive that is added to the ink, the faster prints will cure, but the mixture will also set up faster in the can and on the screen.


Standard plastisol cleanup with screen opener to assist.

Other uses:

This additive is sometimes used in lower concentrations to insure better adhesion on water-proofed nylon and may help to fully cure the ink on fabrics that will not withstand the normal cure temperatures needed for regular plastisol.

**Always perform testing before commercial use.