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Old Stock: SaatiChem HR5 Haze & Stain Remover - Quart

by Saati

On Sale due to age. This product will work just fine. It's a few years old but still usable. If you don't like it, let me know and I'll give you a refund on the product value.

Quart - This is an excellent haze and stain remover in a liquid format. This powerful, fast-acting liquid haze remover breaks down haze in 4 minutes or less. There is no irritation and bite normally associated with other haze removers. It is applied with a spray bottle to the screen and removed with a pressure washer. It will allow for the reuse of screens after they have been stained with inks or emulsion dyes.

Applications: Removes stains, haze, ghost images from mesh for screen recycling. Powerful ready to use liquid.‹ Is able to remove the toughest stains.‹ Works in minutes. Viscous cling to prevent run off and minimize waste.‹ Works without the irritation and ‘bite’ normally associated with high caustic products.

Directions for use: After ink and stencil removal, spray or pour liquid on screen and spread with a stiff brush. Let sit for approximately 7 to 10 minutes; a longer time may weaken mesh. Rinse screen thoroughly. Follow with a pressure wash.

Before using, refer to appropriate material safety data sheets. : MSDS available at