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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

Old Stock: SaatiChem PW4 Press Wash - Gallon

by Saati

On Sale due to age. This product will work just fine. It's a few years old but still usable. If you don't like it, let me know and I'll give you a refund on the product value.

GALLON - This is an ink solvent good for use with plastisol ink types. It is designed to be used on press for color changes or general cleanup. When wiped with 100% cotton rag, masking tape will stick almost immediately. This product will not lock up plastisol resistant emulsions. And it has a pleasant orange scent.

Applications: Removes ink from screen with on press. Recommended for use with Plastisol and UV-Cured inks.‹ Flash point 49ºC/120ºF. Medium drying speed.

Directions for use: Spray or wipe on both sides of the screen to open dried or clogged ink. Let evaporate and continue printing.