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Catspit Screen Print Supply

Plastisol Puff Ink Base Gallon


Gallon - This is a plastisol ink puff base that you may add plastisol color inks to. Make any color of puff ink anytime and in any amount with this handy puff ink base. It’s fully curable and will cure almost purely white without any color added. Get that raised or puffy ink effect easily with puff base. Compatible with standard plastisol screen printing inks only. This ink is Catspit tested and approved. This plastisol puff ink is for printing adult logo wear only.

***This puff ink base will print white if you do not add any other plastisol colored ink to it. However please keep in mind if you do add a plastisol color ink to the puff base, it will turn the color into a lighter shade. For instance, red turns pink and royal blue turns light blue. Please watch the video on this product page for an example.