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RANAR CBX 2024 Digital Timer Exposure Unit 110v


$605.00 List price. $55 boxing/packaging fee. Total = $660.00.

Please choose residential, ($55), or commercial, ($35), delivery for a flat rate shipping fee.

RANAR CBX 2024 Digital Timer Exposure Unit 110v - This unit has the digital timer upgrade, not shown in image. ***9 pound padded weight included

The CBX 2024 is a low cost, economical screen exposure unit designed for the entry level tee shirt printer working from home. This screen exposure unit has an exposure area of 20x24, and features UV black-light fluorescent bulbs (20 watts each), digital timer, a padded weight to compress for positive film-to-screen-glass contact, and 110 volts. The digital timer takes the guesswork out of exposing. The mechanical timer gives you a good idea of what time you're putting on your screens, but you can never tell if you're exposing for 3 minutes and 5 seconds or 3 minutes and 25 seconds. The digital timer makes it so that you can set the exact amount of time you want each and every time.

The CBX2024 is a low cost, easy to use, screen exposure unit designed specifically for the entry level t-shirt printer working from home or a small shop. This screen exposure unit features an exposure area of 20" x 24", high output unfiltered black light fluorescent bulbs (20 watts each), a built in mechanical timer, and a padded weight to create solid film-to-screen contact necessary for a quality stencil. 

"What is that thing for?" That is a common question many customers have about the CBX's padded weight. The answer: It serves the same purpose as the vacuum system does on a floor model exposure unit. It pushes mesh on the screen all the way down against the glass and the film positive.

Having insufficient contact between the screen mesh and the film positive creates a gap which allows the light from the exposure unit to creep around the edges of your artwork and reduces the quality of the stencil. The padded weight eliminates that gap, pushes the screen mesh all the way down against the film positive and allows you to make a quality screen for quality prints.

This economical, compact non-vacuum model runs on 110v, drawing only 3 amps, and easily exposes dual cure, photopolymer and capillary film in just minutes, allowing you to make quality screens at home.

The CBX weighs only 35 lbs., and ships fully assembled via UPS ground. A digital timer upgrade option is available for more accurate and consistent exposure times.

  • 4 bulbs for rapid burning
  • Optically clear glass
  • 110v operation
  • Burns 20X24 screen size!
  • Low cost
  • 9 pound padded weight included
  • Digital timer

Unit Specifications

  • Outside Dimensions: 26"w x 22"d x 5½"h
  • Exposure Area: 23" x 19"
  • Glass Size: 19 7/8" x 23 7/8" x 3/16"
  • Padded Weight: 16" x 14"


  • Unit: 30 lbs.
  • Padded Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Combined: 39 lbs.


  • Bulbs: 4-24", 20w blacklight, 250 nanometer
  • Voltage: 110v or 220v
  • Amps: 3 (110v)
  • Cable Length: 6'
  • Plug: 15 amp, NEMA Plug 5-15 (110v)


The factory is closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as all major holidays. Supply orders ship within 3 to 5 business days. Equipment orders have a 2 to 3 week lead time to ship from the date your payment is confirmed and cleared. All standard shipping is provided by UPS ground. Items that ship freight may vary by carrier.

If you have questions, need rush service or personal details need to be arranged for equipment orders please call Catspit Productions. Do not call RANAR. We are a dealer for RANAR; if you call them direct you’re making a purchase from RANAR not Catspit Productions. If you wish to support us and do business with us then please call us direct for all your equipment and supplies needs. We’re happy to help out in any way. 480-899-9089

The warranty information is as follows on all RANAR equipment across the board:

3 years on mechanical. This includes the build of the press and the parts.

2 years on infrared panels for dyers and flash cure units.

1 year on all electrical work.

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