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Ranar HB-100 Hobby Screen Printing Press


$175.00 List price. $35 boxing/packaging fee. Total = $210.00.

Please choose residential, ($55), or commercial, ($35), delivery for a flat rate shipping fee.

Ranar HB-100 Hobby Screen Printing Press. This is a basic do it yourself hobby grade screen printing press for printing tee shirts and other flats. This press is designed to be inexpensive and lightweight to ship. It is NOT designed for commercial production printing. This press would be ideal for the occasional printer. It's made for "soccer Moms" and hobbyists who print less than 50 pieces at a time, a few times a year. The press will require maintenance in tightening and adjusting bolts now and then since the hinging system is bolted together. If you print a few shirts each week or maybe do a team a couple of times a year then this press would be perfect for you.

This is a very lightweight 1 color 1 station screen printing press. It’s a bench top single station tee shirt press that is affordable, small, and lightweight. It still has some of the best features of the professional Ranar rotary screenprinting presses. In the informational video below you’ll get a close up look at this printing machine and learn about all of its features. I only recommend this press to hobbyists who only print once in a while. You’ll have to keep it adjusted if you do not permanently attach it to a nice firm table top. But if you screw it down to a good stable table top, then this unit will kick some screen printing butt. Again I do not suggest this for commercial purposes but it’s a very cool screen printing press for someone who is not printing all the time.

This beginners press is also a great way to see if screen printing is the right startup business for you. The press is inexpensive enough for some to experiment with the process and see if they want to take it to the next level. The Ranar hobby screenprinting press is made in the USA and comes with a limited 6 month warranty.

**This press does NOT come with the Catspit Productions Lifetime Guaranty**

If you want a heavy duty 1 color 1 station screenprinting press with the Catspit lifetime guaranty then check out our P-110: