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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

RhinoTech Screen Drying Cabinet 10-2031F

Screen Drying Cabinet 10-2031F. Starting at $4040.00 plus shipping.

Holds 10 Screen Combination of 20” x 24” & 23” x 31”, 110V 

Screen drying cabinets are designed and built for quick and efficient drying of coated screens.

A single pass airflow system. Fresh air is brought in through a filtered fresh-air intake. The air then passes through a separate heating chamber.

The system perfectly eliminates the recycling of wet warm air into or through the drying cabinet. After the air is heated, it passes one time evenly over each screen, picking up the moisture with the air movement. It is then exhausted out of the cabinet. A specially designed exhaust port prevents dust from entering the cabinet. Cabinets are available with fixed shelves when a single-size frame is used. Adjustable shelves are available when a variety of frame sizes may be used.