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Catspit Screen Print Supply

SaatiChem Direct Prep 2 Mesh Prep - Quart

by Saati

Quart - Direct Prep2 is a screen mesh prep that also includes a wetting agent. This unique degreaser/wetting agent will improve the wet strength of your stencils during development, giving you better detail and stronger stencils during print runs.

Applications: Prepares mesh for repeat stencil making. Ready-to-use liquid wetting agent and degreaser.‹ After initial fabric roughening, use with each reuse of synthetic monofilament mesh. Powerful detergent and degreaser in one step restores mesh after reclaiming.‹ Blue color ensures complete rinse from mesh.‹ Highly recommended for use with photopolymer direct emulsions. Eliminates fisheyes and streaks in coatings. ‹Maximize exposure latitude and adhesion for both emulsion and capillary film stencils.‹ Optimizes resolution, definition and stencil life.

Directions for use: For new stainless steel mesh or for previously abraded synthetic monofilament mesh, apply Saatichem Direct Prep 2 liberally to both sides of wet or dry screen with a brush or sponge. Rinse the screen with a strong water spray to remove all traces of Direct Prep 2. Dry the clean freshly prepared screens and use immediately or store in a dust-free environment.