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Catspit Screen Print Supply

SaatiChem ER2 Emulsion Remover Concentrate

by Saati

Quart - This is a high grade emulsion remover concentrate. It’s a 1 to 35 liquid concentrate with built-in degreaser. You dilute this 1 to 35 with water. Makes 9 gallons of emulsion remover! The powerful built-in degreaser cuts through the oily residue left during ink removal to speed stencil breakdown and to aid in mesh degreasing. This product is city drain safe. Remember that your purchases support the continued production of free educational screen printing videos on YouTube. Thank you for your patronage and support. An excellent value for the money.

Applications: Removes all stencil types. Liquid concentrate that includes powerful built-in degreaser ‹ Dilute 1:35 by volume, or 1:25 by weight to provide full strength working solution for spray application. Very easy to dissolve and will not crystallize ‹ Degreaser cuts through any greasy film left after ink removal and this ensures fast and efficient stencil removal.

Directions for use By volume, dissolve one part Saatichem Remove 2 in 35 parts water (1 to 25 by weight).