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Shur Loc Accelerator 2 - Tensioning Kit & Turntable

The Shur~loc Accelerator 2 hardware series is the most cost effective way to stretch your roller frames. Its extreme light weight hardware is built do withstand even the most demanding applications. For use with all round tube frames (MZX, M-3, 1.4, 1.6).

Available in 2 easy to install kits:
Kit A: $1650.00 - For use with square bar frames only. Includes 1 double tower, 1 single tower and square bar

Kit B: $1950.00 - For use with 4 roller frames and square bar frames up to 25x36 STF 1.6/M3. (Please indicate when ordering Kit B if you will be using your kit with square bar frames as we will NOT include a square bar adapter unless you specify that you will use square bar frames.)

All turntable and kit combinations include the turntable, hardware, wrenches, physical stop pins, wrenching pins, and attachment screws. Standard tables are drilled for the following sizes: 18x20 sq., 23x31 1.4/MZX, 23x31 1.6/M3, 25x36 1.6/M3.