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Manual Screen Printing Presses: Rear Clamp Versus Side Clamp

Manual Screen Printing Presses: Rear Clamp Versus Side Clamp

Check out this easy-going tutorial video about the actual differences between rear clamp and side clamp presses. This is a follow up educational video for the original one I did on the same topic. But this time we have both types of printing presses in house. So, watch this video as well to get the full rundown on all the differences between these two configurations.

This instructional video features the #AWT #Rototex manual screen printing press with side clamps and the #HIX convertible rear clamp screenprinting machine. Please remember, I sell both presses on my ecommerce site. Stop by and check out my offerings.
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Thanks for watching and thanks for being here after about 14 years on YouTube! Thanks to you all.

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