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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

Shipping & Returns

ssl-secure-website.jpgMaking a purchase* on this website using PayPal checkout, our credit card processing service or direct bank deposit means that you agree to the returns policy stated here. Published pricing does not imply any price guaranty. All returns must be approved by Catspit Productions, LLC.  We retain the right to not refund or allow the return of any item we deem unacceptable for return. You agree that the shipper’s documentation of received and accepted goods is proof of delivery to you and proof of non delivery may be required for any refunds requested due to product not being delivered. You also agree reversing charges for non-delivery is only acceptable upon proof of such said non delivery. You may return most new, unused, nonperishable items within 2 weeks of your purchase starting the day it arrives at your ship to address. Items must be returned freight prepaid. Any return of equipment has to be returned in new condition in the original packaging. If the product is damaged or faulty, we will take care of it free of charge. If your return is simply because you do not want the item then you will be responsible for the shipping fees to you and back to us. Please make sure you are certain you need or want the equipment you purchase. We build equipment as it is ordered so if you have any questions please call us before you place your order.

The warranty information is as follows on all RANAR equipment across the board:

3 years on mechanical. This includes the build of the press and the parts.

2 years on infrared panels for dyers and flash cure units.

1 year on all electrical work.

The Ranar Warranty is limited to parts only. Labor is not included. Parts under warranty need to be returned to Ranar for inspection before replacement part is shipped. Shipping will be covered inside the continental U.S. by UPS ground only and will be subject to inventory on hand. Any expedited service will be at customer's expense. This warranty is not transferable and only covers the original owner.

Warranties do not cover any proposed or calculated financial losses due to equipment failure or operator error. There are too many variables in the process for the warranties to extend beyond the equipment itself.  Please do not schedule any print jobs until you have received all of your equipment and/or supplies and you have a thorough understanding of the process. 

RhinoTech Warranty: All new products manufactured and/or sold by RhinoTech, are warranted against manufacturers defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. Warranty is limited to the repair or correction of the item in question at the discretion of RhinoTech, All items must be returned to RhinoTech, with prior approval, RhinoTech, is not responsible for shipping cost. Normal wear and use is not considered warranty such as: Trigger Guns, High Pressure Hose, Spray Wands, Light Bulbs, etc., unless a problem arises in the first 30 days of operation. Repair parts are warranted for 30 days from date of purchase.

Order Errors or Mistakes

Any errors or mistakes must be reported immediately after you receive your order. All error reports must be received within 1 week of receiving your order. Please do not wait 2 months before notifying us of an error. We won’t be able to honor replacements or refunds after 2 weeks from the delivery date of your supply order with the exception of equipment which has warranty coverage.

Order cancellations must be made before order is shipped. Once shipment occurs, please refer to return policy.

We can ship to anywhere in the continental United States. We ship by UPS ground and LTL freight. However, Catspit does not ship anything to PO boxes, Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO).

Note that there are shipping restrictions on some products.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT schedule any print jobs until you have your supplies OR equipment set up and you are familiar with its operation. It is your responsibility to order your equipment and supplies in due time and in no way do we take any responsibility for print jobs or labor time lost due to shipping or fulfillment issues. We need a certain amount of time to fulfill supplies, equipment, kits, and packages orders to the best of our ability. Production times can vary based on the work load at the factory. An order for a flash cure may ship in 1 week. A floor press may take 2 weeks and kits or packages can take up to 3 weeks to complete, crate, and ship. It is not our fault if you “lose jobs” or can’t complete a job on time due to fulfillment or shipping times and/or delays. We do our absolute best to get your order out ASAP with the utmost of accuracy and quality. If you need rush service, please call us before placing your order. 

*If you see crating or package damage when your equipment arrives, please notify the carrier to document the damage on their delivery receipt.*

** PLEASE KEEP YOUR INVOICE WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER. If you need any warranty service or have any issues at all I will need to reference your order number to better serve you.**

***Orders cannot be canceled once they ship. If you want to cancel an order after it has shipped you will be charged the shipping fee to you and the shipping fee back to the factory. There will also be a nominal fee for crating materials on equipment.***

****Shipping estimates for time of delivery are NOT guaranteed. We are NOT responsible for delays in freight and UPS transit with equipment or supplies once items have shipped.****

State Institutions, Universities, Colleges, And Other Government Organizations

If your state organization requires a purchase order with the terms of NET30, the authorized purchaser will be required to sign a sales agreement stating the details of the terms of the sale. In some cases this requirement may be deferred only if the items are shipping to the same address as the authorized purchaser, signed official government purchase order. And furthermore, only if the purchase order states the official Catspit Productions, Inc. lead times and delivery details specifically. Catspit Productions, Inc. cannot and will not be held to a specific date of delivery. There are too many external variables that we cannot control that make it impossible for us to guaranty delivery dates of any kind. If you cannot meet these requirements, please do not request a quote, bid, or other form of sales estimate. Catspit Productions Inc. has its own internal policies that cannot be changed or ignored. You must comply with our terms and conditions of sale otherwise we will not be able to service your organization. All NET30 sales are subject to a security interest on unpaid items until paid in full. This is a non-negotiable condition of the required government entity NET30 sales agreement. Catspit Productions, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, reject, or otherwise terminate any official government purchase order submitted to us without prior agreement to the aforementioned terms and conditions. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions please call us before you place an order and we'll be happy to assist you in any way. 480-899-9089

Check Out

You may use PayPal, credit card or direct bank deposit to make your purchase. The website has encrypted and secure SSL checkout. This is 100% green bar https:// checkout secured.

Methods of payment:

PayPal Standard - This is a standard payment made directly to our PayPal email address using PayPal’s secure connection. With this method you may use your PayPal balance or a credit card without creating a PayPal account.

Credit Cards Only - Chose this option only if you have no desire to use PayPal in any way. Our secure credit card processing checkout will charge your credit card directly.


Financing is available for those who quality. However Catspit Productions, Inc does not wish to take advantage of anyone buying equipment for the first time. In the event you wish to explore our financing available through LeaseStation then just let us know and we will be happy to connect you with an agent. You may also fill out the application form online by clicking the button below. Please remember that financing fees will need to be paid monthly and this payment is due whether or not you have been making money with your equipment. Please take this into serious consideration before applying for financing. 

*Catspit productions, Inc reserves the right to cancel any order we deem suspicious or fraudulent. The presence of this website does not guarantee or give you a right to do business with Catspit productions, Inc. We reserve the right to do business with people we chose to and we reserve the right not to do business with people we wish not to service. We will happily take and process all orders but we reserve the right to choose which orders we can take. Not all orders placed will be able to be processed if we chose to cancel the order. We simply wish to make it known we may exercise our right to choose who we do business with. Published pricing does not imply any price guaranty.