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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply


Catspit Screen Printing Kits

Catspit Screen Printing Kits

These kits were assembled by Jonathan from Catspit Productions using the same RANAR made equipment he uses in the YouTube videos. They are designed to be an honest, fair value based on what you will need. With any of the kits below you will be able to silk screen print tee shirts and other garments with ease. These startup kits and starter packages are built around performance rather than price point. They include all of the supplies and accoutrements that Jonathan would have for himself within each shop set up. Some kits focus on water based inks while others will be set up for plastisol inks only. Our YouTube videos and website will assist you in the learning curve. And Jonathan is always available for assistance.

Lifetime guarantee only from Catspit - We guarantee all Ranar screenprinting presses to last a lifetime. Catspit Productions guarantees all parts, with the exception of MDF pallets, for a lifetime for the original owner if you buy through Catspit Productions. We do not guarantee or warranty Ranar presses bought through Ranar or other dealers.

Catspit Productions now offers flat rate shipping on many equipment and kit purchases in the continental United States. Parts and accessories still require a shipping fee. We sell the complete line of RANAR equipment and accessories. Please call us for sales assistance, 480-899-9089.