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Screen Exposure Units

Screen Exposure Units


Ranar makes its own professional screen exposures units in the USA to insure quality. The entry level XPO-2426 with (8) 20 watt bulbs is perfect for the small silk screening shop using standard 20"x 24" screen frames for manual screen printing presses. The XPO-2331 with (10) 20 watt bulbs can handle a 23"x 31" inch frame which is standard on automatic screen printing presses. The extra large XPO-2848 with (8) 40 watts bulbs can handle (2) 20"x 24" or (1) 23"x 31" or (1) large over size screen frame 28"x 48" used for all overprints and textile printing.

Vacuum Screen Exposure Unit Features: black light fluorescent bulbs (320 nanometers), LED lights (400 nanometers plus), adjustable exposure times, digital timer, auto shut off, instant draw down vacuum, neoprene rubber vacuum blanket with fabric on one side for durability, gas shock assisted vacuum frame, manual/auto mode, instant start electronic ballast, energy efficient, and made in the USA.

Catspit Productions now offers flat rate shipping on all major equipment and kit purchases in the continental United States. Parts and accessories still require a shipping fee. We sell the complete line of RANAR equipment and accessories. Please call us for sales assistance, 480-899-9089. All Ranar equipment pricing includes crating fees.