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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

About Catspit Productions

Check out our main website where we offer free tutorial materials about how to screen print tee shirts. Glossaries, articles and links to other helpful resources online for screenprinting textiles. Don’t forget to drop by the mother website to learn more about Catspit and screenprinting garments.

The public storefront is now open and located at:

Catspit Productions, LLC
4219 South 37th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Our hours are: M-F 11AM to 5PM

PLEASE CALL before stopping by for stock availability in Phoenix.


Catspit Productions was a full service textile screen printing shop in Phoenix, Arizona which specialized in common garments  and designs focused on today’s business budgets. We mostly printed for other businesses. However, currently we do not print  any commercial jobs. We no longer seek any screen print work because we enjoy teaching and selling equipment or supplies.  Today we describe Catspit Productions as a screenprinting equipment and supplies dealer.

The company also produces free educational material on the Catspit website as well as YouTube. Our screen printing YouTube videos are the most popular in the world. We run the number 1 YouTube channel for learning how to screen print.

Our Vision: To educate, teach and advise honestly with integrity and straightforwardness. Above all else we educate the customer before selling and we never use pressure or aggressive sales tactics. We dislike modern giant corporate marketing and wish to offer you a more personal, old fashioned way of doing business. When you call Catspit Productions you will get to talk to Jonathan. That’s right. Jonathan answers your call personally to attend to you needs.

Setting new standards in old fashioned customer service. Catspit. Ranar. Seriously simple. TM 

10 very good reasons why you should buy screenprinting supplies and equipment from Jonathan at Catspit Productions;

1) Satisfaction is guaranteed - You’re doing business with a small business that cares about you and the products we sell. If our products don’t live up to your expectations, that’s embarrassing and we’ll do everything we can to make it right even if we have to spend money. Satisfaction is guaranteed on every sale.

2) Lifetime guarantee only from Catspit - We guarantee all Ranar screenprinting presses to last a lifetime. Catspit Productions guarantees all parts, with the exception of MDF pallets, for a lifetime for the original owner if you buy through Catspit Productions. We do not guarantee or warranty Ranar presses bought through Ranar or other dealers.

3) Unique press design - The Ranar screen printing presses we sell use compression springs rather than dangerous expansion springs or weak gas shocks. The compression spring and lift arm parts are all guaranteed for a lifetime, of course. All of our products are made and/or assembled in the USA.

4) Catspit gives back - Catspit Productions produces free educational videos on YouTube for all. We do not make and sell DVD’s about how to screen print. We share this information freely and do not profit from selling tutorials online. Your purchases help support the continued production of free tutorial videos for all to enjoy and prosper from.

5) Quality, durability, reliability - Our equipment uses more welds than bolts. Even on the Vista press which is modular and up-gradable we have more welds than many of the “erector set” type equipment that you see today. Ranar has been building screenprinting equipment for over 30 years and they never bought out any other plans, designs or brand names to call their own. We use 100% original designs that have been proven over the years through usage by screen printers.

6) No sales tax on many out of State orders - No sales tax on all equipment purchases out of or in Arizona State. We only charge sales tax for California on equipment and supplies. Sales tax is charged for supplies in Arizona but not on equipment. We’re still small enough to not have to pay taxes on out of state internet sales. Those tax savings are your savings. Sometimes doing business with a smaller company has its sales tax benefits.

7) Honest and fair low pricing - Compare our low pricing, no sales tax, and free shipping on major equipment purchases to their pricing and “free” shipping. Jonathan tries hard to price products fairly and never inflates pricing to compensate for shipping incentives. We think you’ll see that the free shipping is not always free.

8) Free technical support for all - Whether you buy from us or not feel free to give Jonathan a call if you need help with anything. That’s what we do here. We teach and educate first. Helping you with your equipment and supplies purchases comes secondary to that. An informed customer is a happy customer. And all equipment purchases come with lifetime support. Just give us a call.

9) Stimulate the US economy - Supporting small businesses helps stimulate the economy and create jobs. Help your Mom and Pop businesses thrive and grow in this corporate world. Support traditional capitalism and entrepreneurs around the globe. That’s what makes the internet so powerful. You have a choice. 

10) NO credit card processing fees! While other dealers and sellers of screen printing equipment charge you a fee for using a credit card, Catspit Productions does not. Use your credit card freely without being hit with a big surcharge in processing fees. Save hundreds if not thousands!

That’s really more than 10 isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Give us a call today! 

We offer the complete line of RANAR screenprinting equipment with free shipping on major equipment purchases in the continental United States. We can offer MacDermid Autotype, RhinoTech, Saati and other products through the vendors we work with. If you do not see the product you need on this website please contact us. 480-899-9089

Our learn how to screen print forum is very user friendly and easy to navigate with topics, categories and posts based on the screenprinting process. You can find threads about each step of the process and ask questions there. If a forum member does not answer your question Jonathan himself will answer with as much detail as possible.

If you are interested in screen printing start up kits please ask us about our three special Catspit kits featuring RANAR equipment configured by Jonathan. These kits are not created to sell on a low base price. Rather Jonathan took the time to pick out the supplies and accessories that he would want for himself with each bench press included in the startup kits. Ask us about the Alley Cat, The Tom Cat and the Lap Cat screen printing startup kits.

This screen printing supplies web store was created to offer an easy shopping experience designed for all screen printers. We only offer screenprinting products we would actually use in our own shop. We are screen printers helping other screen printers with honest advice and recommendations. With a combined experience of over 75 years if we don’t know the answer we can find it for you. Let us help you screen print with only the best supplies and equipment. Use our real world experience in silk screenprinting to your benefit!

NO sales tax on all equipment sales in Arizona State!
FREE SHIPPING! On all major equipment purchases in the continental US!
Free technical support with your purchase to help you learn screen printing.
Your purchase satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Thank you very much for your patronage and support. We know you have many choices when purchasing screenprinting supplies - Jonathan Monaco, Catspit Productions, LLC.