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Washout Booths

Washout Booths


Featuring washout booths and dip tank products from Ranar, RhinoTech* and Blackline. The Ranar and RhinoTech item pricing includes crating AND free shipping. The Blackline products have a shipping fee calculated at checkout.

RANAR galvanized steel washout booths come with and without back lights in a variety of sizes. These units have deep sinks and cornered sides to reduce back splash to a minimum. These washout sinks are economical, durable and easy to ship.

The Ranar Econo Washout Booth is the most affordable of the Econo Washout Booths manufactured by RANAR Mfg. Great starter sink for the home t-shirt printing business. Ideal for de-greasing, washing out emulsion or film and recycling screens for reuse. Made of galvanized steel. The unit comes complete with metal top, perforated drain and a deep trough, which minimizes back splash.

The Ranar back light version is also made of long lasting galvanized steel but with a transparent acrylic back, which allows for easy inspecting of screens for pinholes, unexposed emulsion or residue. The unit comes complete with metal top, perforated drain, a deep sink trough which minimizes back splash and an air activated foot switch for the (2) 110v florescent viewing lights for safety. Perfect and essential for any pre-press screen room in any silk screening shop. Check out all of our options below.

We sell the complete line of RANAR equipment and accessories. Please call us for sales assistance, 480-899-9089. All equipment pricing includes crating fees.