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Belt Dryers

Belt Dryers


RANAR has a Conveyor Dryer to fit any size screen printing shop or application. We use only highest quality color-blind electric infrared heaters and components and incorporate many features that other manufacturers charge extra for. RANAR quality, efficiency, and production rates are the envy of the industry. These infrared conveyor or belt dryers have a wide range of industrial drying and curing applications including but not limited to screen printing. A triple walled insulated tunnel comes in lengths of 4, 6, 8 feet, and many custom sizes are available. Designed to cure plastisol quickly and efficiently on t-shirts, nylon jackets, jerseys, sweats, and many other garments. We use the highest quality electric infrared panels, which are adjustable in height 2 to 7 inches. By utilizing all quality components throughout the dryer, this insures maximum energy efficiency, reliability and high production rates. Backed by a strong warranty, which makes our dryers, the best value for the dollar. The Red Star Series dryer, is featured in automatic screen printing equipment shop package.

Explore our complete line of AWT, Ranar, and Hix belt dryers. Models range from small entry level t-shirt dryer to professional high production drying tunnels, as well as large advanced digitally controlled commercial process heating conveyor dryers. Some models are configured with electric radiant infrared heater, to cure plastisol screen printing ink and some combine forced air with infrared heat as well as jet air re-circulation to scrub the ink surface which creates convection heat to dry water based, and discharge textile silk screen or digitally (DGT) printed inks. You can cure or dry quickly and efficiently with any ink screen printed onto substrates such as t-shirts, garments, textiles, plastic, ceramic, glass, paper, electronic parts, and pad printed products.

Generally speaking dryers with 4,000 watts and 6,000 watts will be perfect for manual presses. Dryers with 9,000 watts, 12,000 watts and 16,000 watts will work well with automatic presses. The sub categories are for your reference but that does not limit any dryer to any given category of usage. Please consider each dryer carefully to find the best one for your needs. If you have any questions, please call us. **Only the Scamp DX 100, 200 and 300 have electrical plugs installed for your use when they arrive from the factory. All larger 220v dryers DO NOT have plugs. They come with the electrical box on the side of the unit which an electrician can connect directly to your fuse box or he can use a 220v plug set up.

***Please Note: The Teflon belts are not under any warranty by AWT, Hix, RANAR or Catspit Productions, LLC. This is due to the ability of the user to mis-track the belt or run the belt too tight causing damage to the belt and/or belt motor. Do NOT over tighten you belt. When in doubt run it just tight enough to move and track but no more.