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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply


Kits & Packages

Here are our Ranar and Catspit screen printing startup kits and starter packages to match any budget as well as production demands. Whether you are starting as a beginner with a home based operation or an experienced screen printer looking to set up a commercial shop, we have you covered. You get all the necessary silk screening supplies, training, and unlimited tech support through Catspit Productions. If you need advice on what package is right for you, contact us.

T-shirt printing is one of the the fastest growing hobbies which can turn into a home business opportunity. There are limitless possibilities for silk screening for fun and for profit. You can go full time or run a side business after your day job. Sports teams, small businesses, corporations, brands, cities, non-profit organizations and more all have a need for custom silk screen printing. You could be the entrepreneur providing screen printing services for them and earning money for your family. This is a real possibility with a little help from Catspit Productions and Ranar.

Is screen printing the right home starter business for you? Check out this video:

What is the best screenprinting startup shop package for you? Check out this video:

Many screen printing products claim to be affordable, but will include low quality, bench-top, t-shirt printing presses with bad engineering. They leave out important features such as no moving parts on the print head clamps, compression lift springs, and a registration systems with roller bearings and a steel key. Instead, they use less than ideal micro-registration systems that leave you frustrated setting up jobs. Beware of nylon bolts that wear down and require adjustment in the middle of a job. Even worse, they break and need to be replaced. Don't settle for expensive gas lift arms that need replacing often. And never be afraid of shying away from fragile and dangerous expansion spring lift systems. You get all of the best engineering features on Ranar screenprinting equipment because it's a product made by screen printers for screen printers.

Lifetime guarantee only from Catspit - We guarantee all Ranar screenprinting presses to last a lifetime. Catspit Productions guarantees all parts, with the exception of MDF pallets, for a lifetime for the original owner if you buy through Catspit Productions. We do not guarantee or warranty Ranar presses bought through Ranar or other dealers.