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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply
New And Used Screen Printing Equipment: Phoenix, Arizona

New And Used Screen Printing Equipment: Phoenix, Arizona

There are some changes happening with Catspit Productions. I am focusing on equipment sales and I am no longer selling supplies. This decision was mostly made due to my health. The screen-printing business is changing as well. The Phoenix storefront is closed. Please understand that I am still here. I sell equipment. I can help you with most any equipment you may need.

I will continue selling and servicing all my customers past, present, and future. I offer the complete line of products from AWT, HIX, Ranar, RhinoTech, ImageTech, Tekmar, and more. Please contact me for your next equipment purchase.

As a result of closing the storefront, I also have screen printing equipment available in Phoenix for pick up. Items like flash cure units, tabletop exposure units, a screen rack, a Ranar numbering system, a tabletop poster press and more. Please call me for inventory I am looking to liquidate. There is a quick list below.

Thanks to everyone who came in and supported me over 9 years. I am grateful and ready to take on the next challenge. Email me anytime for equipment or some screen printing help.

- Jonathan   

Equipment is new unless it states otherwise. Equipment needs to be picked up by buyer at location of the equipment in Arizona, Phoenix Valley area. All items are sold as is with no warranty. Please call for details.

AWT Rototex II 6 Color 6 Station Rotary Press - $6000
Hix Premier® Convertible Series 4/2 Rotary Press - $2800
HIX® Spectrum LED Exposure Unit 120v - $3000
RANAR CBX 2024 Analogue Timer Exposure Unit 110v - $675
RhinoTech Tabletop BL1620 Exposure Unit - $650
Used RANAR Curestar 4000 8' Infrared Belt Dryer 240v - $1800
Demo Model Hix SH-1818 Auto Flash Cure Unit 120v - $1900
RANAR DA1616 Forced Air Flash Cure W/Control 120v - $1500
AWT HF-16165C - 16x16 Infrared Hot Flash Cure In Store Demo Unit - $550
Ranar 1 Color Number-It Athletic Numbering System - $800
Bucket and Heavy-Duty Brush Chemical System - $75
In Shop Demo Tekmar Exhaustex 1500 Spot Cleaning Station - $400
RANAR Knockdown Adjustable Screen Rack - $250
Used Stainless Steel Chemicals Work Rack - $150
Used RhinoTech RS1500A Pressure Washer Heavy Duty - $700

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