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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply
Screenprinting T-Shirts: Front, Left Sleeve & Back Collar Print Run

Screenprinting T-Shirts: Front, Left Sleeve & Back Collar Print Run

Check out this short video about printing the freebie shirts donated by and stay tuned for the giveaway video. In this video you get a glimpse of yours truly printing all 3 print locations while making some video for your viewing pleasure. These shirts will be given away for free with the exception of the shipping fee. I received these free so I will give them away for no charge. Unfortunately, I cannot pay the shipping fee for you currently. Things are tight as they are for most of us. Therefore, my accountant has insisted that everyone pay for the shipping fee to get the shirt to you. Stay tuned and the next video will explain how to get one of these Catspit tee shirts. Thanks for watching!

Be sure to check out the people at:

Please don’t forget I have an online tutorial. It organizes over 10 years of Catspit content into one place for your learning enjoyment. This instructional screenprinting tutorial will help me help more people easier. I encourage you to try it out today. Thanks for watching and thanks for being here after 11 years on YouTube. Thanks to you all.

Check out what I have to offer on my ecommerce website:

Catspit Productions, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona


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