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Heat Presses


RiComa offers economical yet durable heat presses for hats, mugs and tee shirts. These are a select few proven to be worthy of being sold by Catspit Productions. These heat presses are imported from China and ship from Florida. Shipping within the continental United States is included in the price of the heat press. The Ricoma brand heat press machine is a testament to the company's founding principles of providing users with equipment that is "Affordable, Reliable and Profitable!" The Ricoma International Corporation is a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment for the garment decorating industry. The company's international market reach is unsurpassed and has provided businesses in every part of the world with the tools they need to succeed.We have been selling these RiComa made heat presses since 2009 without a single issue, return or problem. However, if you do not like the Ikonix heat press for any reason, simply pay to ship it back to Catspit Productions and we will refund your original purchase amount.


Hix Corporation is renowned for innovation, engineering and quality-driven made in the U.S.A. products. HIX Heat Transfer Machines are called the “workhorses” of the industry and they are found in more graphic shops than any other heat press. From our clam shell and Swing Away heat presses, to our heat presses for specialty work, we have the right equipment to service your business needs. With over 100,000 units serving today, HIX is without a doubt your most reliable heat transfer machine choice for heat presses. Shipping within the continental United States is included in the price of the heat press.

The secret to our success is in the casting. Every heat casting at HIX is manufactured in a permanent steel cavity mold using a HIX-exclusive aluminum alloy for maximum heat transfer. These heat presses can apply all types of transfers on various items. The lower platen helps provide even pressure on thicker items, no matter where it’s applied. HIX presses provide completely even pressure from edge to edge, even at high temps.