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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

Accu Glide AG-2538 Graphic Press With Side Arm 115v

by AWT

AG-2538 WITH AG-2538-ARM

A.W.T.’s Small Format Accu-Glide™ One Man Squeegee Unit offers an inexpensive, yet high quality, solution to screen print short runs, proto-types and test runs. The aluminum Stay-Flat™ Vacuum Table pro­vides a flat, warp proof printing surface. The vacu­um holddown is powered by our maintenance-free quiet vacuum motor, the quietest in the industry. Vacuum on/off is easily controlled by the upfront hand lever system. The small-format Accu-Glide is manufactured using A.W.T.’s reliable products including the Big Gripper2™ screen frame clamping unit with X/Y micro registration control, heavy duty easy screen lift reversible sidekick and ergonomically shaped all-aluminum contoured squeegee holder. The squeegee holder comes with A.W.T.’s top-of-the-line Poly- Supreme™ Vulkollan squeegee blade. Adjustable legs allow the vacuum table height to be adjusted for operator comfort and ink control.


Standard Features
• Big Gripper™ Frame Clamping Unit with micro-registration
• Extra-thick aluminum, warp- and rust-resistant vacuum
table (provides a completely flat surface for fine quality
hand printing)
• Sidekick™ heavy-duty, reversible screen lift and
squeegee holder with Poly-Supreme™ Vulkollan
squeegee blade
• Quiet, brushless maintenance-free Max-Air™ vacuum
• Up-front vacuum control
• Adjustable legs
• Counter-weight printing arm

Ensure tight tolerances with the Micro Registration Lock-in feature. The Accu-Glide comes standard with a heavy-duty Max-Air Vacuum Motor. Side Arm feature reduces operator fatigue and ensures consistent print stroke and quality. Each unit comes standard with the Big Gripper Screen Frame Clamping Unit and a heavy-duty, reversible Side Kick™.

Shipping Dimensions: AG-2538, 373 lbs (170 kg), 48" W x 53" L x 58" H, 122 x 135 x 147 cm