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Accu Print AP-1525B Semi Automatic Tote Bag Printer 120v

by AWT

Accu Print AP-1525B Semi Automatic Tote Bag Printer

The Accu-Print™ 15"x25" semi-automatic screen printer is one of A.W.T.’s most versatile units. Easy to set up and operate, the Accu-Print offers the performance and controls of larger, more expensive printers and produces top-quality results. Features not normally found on a mid-size printer come standard with the Accu-Print. The printer’s universal master frame is designed to hold all frame types and securely locks them into place for proper registration and accurate print repeat-ability. The DC-powered squeegee carriage delivers an extremely smooth and consistent print stroke. The all-aluminum Stay-Flat™ pallets are covered with heat-resistant rubber to provide the flattest and most secure printing surface possible. Hundreds of pallets suitable for bag printing are also available in standard or custom shapes and sizes to fit all applications. Among the key benefits of the Accu-Print are the easily adjustable stroke length and a safety system that stops the press when any person or object interferes with the front or sides of the wraparound safety bar. The front of the printer has a wide open area for easy screen access during setup and operation, an operator friendly control panel with mode selection (dwell timer, foot pedal or single print), and a digital counter. The Accu-Print is mounted on heavy duty casters with locking levelers for easy mobility and secure footing.

• Pneumatic Squeegeelizer™ ensures uniform print
pressure across entire image
• Independent squeegee/flood bar speeds
• Tool-free squeegee/flood bar pressure controls
• Single-point off-contact adjustment with “0” off contact
• Universal master frame accepts all frames
• Lock-in print head for accurate registration
• Wraparound safety bar with 4-point micro switch
• Independent, locking squeegee/flood bar angle
• Open access for easy screen viewing and setup
• Heavy-duty casters for easy shop mobility
• Dwell timer or foot pedal control
• Automatic, adjustable peel rate
• Digital counter

Standard Features:
• One aluminum Stay-Flat™ pallet with heat resistant
rubber surface
• Lock-in print head
• Safety package with 4 U.L. approved micro sensors
• Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments
• Tool-free squeegee/flood bar pressure controls
• Independent squeegee/flood bar speed controls
• Patented quick release pallet system
• Single point off-contact adjustment
• Automatic adjustable peel
• Automatic Squeegeelizer™
• Universal master frame
• 120 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz

Optional Features:
AP-PSF Pneumatic Squeegee & Flood bar "U" Clamps - $450.00
FB-144-GAO All Aluminum Flood Bar with 1' holding bar - $2.10 per inch
SH-144-GAO All aluminum squeegee holder -$3.10 per inch
WT-144-GAO Wing Tipped Flood Bar - $2.85 per inch
AP-FPC Front Pneumatic Clamps - $395.00
AP-RPC Rear Pneumatic Clamps - $395.00
AP-SMC Sliding manual frame clamps - Front & Rear $ 195.00
AP-FFS Front frame holder slot ("wide) for longer frames. Max frame 23x31" O.D. - $200.00

Quick Release Pallets:
RP-1016-GAO 10" x 16" Aluminum Pallet - $92.00
RP-1216-GAO 12" x 16" Aluminum Pallet - $101.00
RP-1516-GAO 15" x 16" Aluminum Pallet - $98.00
RP-1824-GAO 18" x 24" Aluminum Pallet - $154.00
RP-1925-GAO 19" x 25" Aluminum Pallet - $160.00

Note: There are many specialty pallets available for the Accu-Print Bag Press. Bag pallets, umbrella pallets, and most any other type of shape pallets can be custom made. Custom pallets priced by shape & size.