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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

American M&M Cameo 18 Styrofoam Cooler Press

by AWT

CAMEO-18CB Cameo 18 Cooler Press - This is the exact same Cameo 18 press set up with a pallet allowing you to print Styrofoam coolers.

The Cameo Graphics Screen Printers are designed and manufactured with the toughest print shops in mind. These rugged printing machines have a long history of providing many years of continuous, reliable service. With +/-.001” repeat-ability and micro-registration controls, the Cameo offers the perfect combination of highly versatile production, up-to-date controls and user-friendly operation. Made in America for over 25 years, the Cameo is recognized for its unparalleled accuracy and dependability. When the time comes to equip your shop with a new screen printer that combines precision, speed and durability for accurate prints time after time, choose the American M&M Cameo by AWT.

**The pallet can be custom made to any size to print the maximum print size of the press and/or to hold the particular size of the cooler. Each press is custom made to your specifications. Available in the Cameo 18, 24, 30 and 38 presses.

*NOTE: Price includes the fixture only for your box. You must order at least one attachment which will be made for your specific box or cooler or part.

Over 30 Years In Production
One complete cooler box/flat part attachment
Independent Squeegee & Flood Speeds
Adjustable Print Stroke
Head Lock In For Very Close Tolerance Printing (Press w/master frame only)
Off-Contact Peel Control –Synchronized
Fixed Position Front & Rear Frame Clamps (Sliding w/optional master frame)
Adjustable Squeegee & Flood Bar Pressure
Heavy Duty Construction
Attachment Height Adjustment
Energy Efficient Drive Motors
Foot Pedal
Easy To Set Up & Operate
Just Plug In, Set Up And Run

Screen Frame Detail:
Front-to-Back (a):
Max: 23 1/2" (60 cm) | Min: 19" (48.2 cm)
Left-to-Right (b):
Max: 27 1/2" (70 cm) | Min: 12" (30.5 cm)