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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

American M&M S-912M Semi Automatic Graphic Press

by AWT

S-912M Semi Automatic Small Format Graphic Press

If your screen printing work requires only a small format printer, but you can’t do without the automatic operation and precision of larger machines, the S-912M from A.W.T. / American M&M is the perfect choice. Its adjustable elevated base allows the S-912M to accommodate substrates of varying thickness. And with the optional micro-adjustable table, the S-912M provides registration controls that ensure precise +/-.001” repeat-ability. Made in America, the unit is designed for reliable performance over the long term and easy maintenance. When the time comes to equip your shop with an automatic small-format printer, choose the speed, precision, versatility, and durability of the S-912M by A.W.T. / American M&M. With its unique combination of features, the S-912M is easily the finest screen printer in its size and price range.


• In production for over 30 years
• Easy to operate - plug in, set up and print
• Aircraft-quality aluminum table construction -
heaviest gauge printing surface
• State-of-the-art up-front controls
• Five-digit reset counter
• Micro-registration table available +/-.001˝
• Variable cycle speeds
• Adjustable print stroke length
• Solid-state 1-15 second dwell timer
• Caster base for easy mobility
• Heavy-duty stainless-steel chassis frame
• Brushless, maintenance-free Quiet Vacuum

• Solid-state 1-15 second dwell
• 5-digit reset counter
• Adjustable print stroke
• Maximum screen frame
18.5 x 20˝ O.D.
• Caster base for easy mobility
• Aircraft-quality aluminum
print bed
• 2˝ adjustable table height
• Brushless, maintenance-free
Quiet Vacuum