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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

AWT 20 Gallon DuroTank Ink Solvent System 115v

by AWT

DTSS-20 - 20-Gallon Duro Tank Stainless Steel Ink Solvent Recirculating System. Comes with permanent filter assembly, cover wand & scrub brush.

The Duro-Tank™ is a stainless-steel recirculating system designed for use with washout sinks. With the Duro-Tank system, biodegradable chemistry is applied directly to screens and then allowed to drain back into the tank, where the chemistry is filtered and recirculated for extended use. As a result, the Duro- Tank reduces the amount of flammable chemicals required to clean screens by 80% or more! The 100% air-operated system features a permanent filter assembly with removable filter screens for easy maintenance. A wand and scrub brush are also included for efficient chemical application and ink removal. The DTSS-20 tank holds approximately 20 gallons (75 liters) of solvent, The DTSS-50 offers a capacity of 50 gallons (189 liters); an 80-gallon (303 liters) tank is also available.

• New on/off valves provide easy removal of spent
• Stand-alone pump allows integration of outside
drum chemicals
• Reduces solvent consumption up to 80%
• Stainless steel construction for long life
• Permanent stainless-steel filters can be removed
and easily cleaned for reuse
• Remove ink or coatings from frames
using non-flammable, biodegradable chemistry
• Includes scrub brush and wand for
cleaning screens
• Tank can be used with any washout sink and
biodegradable chemistry

Options and Accessories
• New! Solvent draining system allows easy removal of
spent solvent
• 5-ft replacement wand/handle
• Replacement scrub brush
• Additional stainless-steel filters