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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

AWT Q-Flash Automatic Quartz Flash Cure Unit

by AWT

Designed for in-line flash curing at print stations of automatic textile presses, the Q-FLASH™ standalone unit can operate over an open pallet. The flash cure cycle is electronically synchronized with press production for the ultimate in effective, efficient operation and streamlined production.

As the press indexer starts moving into the print position, the Q-FLASH heating section shifts into the high-power mode and reaches maximum temperature when the indexer reaches the next print position. The Q-FLASH uses Quartz tubes which reach curing temperature in just seconds. The variable speed blower provides even distribution of hot air over the printing pallet while printing and increases curing speed.

The Q-FLASH switches to a low-power standby mode while the press is not indexing. If the indexer stays in the print posi¬tion longer than the dwell timer on the Q-FLASH is set for, it automatically shifts to the standby mode. When in standby mode the air flow helps reduce pallet temperatures.

Upfront controls on the Q-FLASH are easily accessed or the unit can be controlled from the press control panel. Sectional curing is available for flash curing smaller print areas. Adjustable head height ensures the proper distance between the Q-FLASH and the pallet. Easy to maintain and change lamps.