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AWT Sharper Image Table Top Squeegee Sharpener 115v

by AWT

AWT Sharper Image Table Top Squeegee Sharpener

A.W.T.’s Sharper-Image™ will reduce your ink costs and improve print quality by always providing you with sharp squeegee blades. Instant clamps quickly lock the squeegee blade into place, and easily accessible knobs enable quick adjustment of the blade’s parallel position for precise sharpening. Diamond-head sharpening wheels produce square, center sharp, rounded and beveled edges in coarse, medium and fine grits. Sharpening wheels are oversized to operate at fewer revolutions per minute while reducing the level of heat friction that can destroy squeegee rubber. A built-in vacuum system (optional on tabletop models) keeps the sharpening area clean.

• Oversized wheel—operates at lower RPM to
reduce heat and friction, which can destroy
squeegee blades
• Diamond-head sharpening wheel—provides
sharpest cut possible
• Vacuum powered dust-removal system (optional
on tabletop models)—keeps area clean and
further reduces heat buildup
• Fast setup with parallel squeegee adjustment
• Safety guards on cutting head and drives
• Sharpens to all durometers without distortion

The heavy-duty Sharper-Image tabletop models are ideal for use on smaller squeegees. Designed to produce the same results as our larger models, the tabletop model is easy to set up and operate, and comes complete with a heavy-duty motor and an oversized (3" diameter) sharpening wheel. The spring steel platform provides easy, friction-free squeegee movement for uniform sharpening, and is available in sizes from 24-60". All tabletop models come with a standard vacuum chamber ready for hookup to complete the optional dust-removal system.