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AWT Universal 60" Belt Squeegee Sharpener - 115v

by AWT

USS-60 The Edge, AWT Universal 60" Belt Squeegee Sharpener, 115v with SHA-60 squeegee holder and DC-99 dust collector.

Crating - $250

This is a belt sharpener for rubber or urethane squeegee. Works with other standard squeegee formulas. Comes complete with a squeegee holder and dust collector so anyone can use this machine anywhere in your print shop. Sharpen any squeegee uniformly without nicks or jagged edges. There is a variety of grits available in the belts. The sharpener is compatible with wooden, metal or automatic squeegee configurations.

- Easy to change belts

- Long life carbide continuous sharpening belts

- Wide range of grits for course and fine sharpening

- Squeegee holder makes the sharpening uniform and parallel

- Dust collector eliminates debris in the print shop

- Bevel sharpening at 45 degree angles