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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

Big Gripper Tabletop Micro Registration Screen Clamp

by AWT

Please contact us for a quotation with shipping fees for the specific model size you want. 480-899-9089

A.W.T.'s heavy-duty Big Gripper2™ Screen Frame Clamping System is used with wood and metal frames of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable frame clamps tightly grip square and round frames to ensure rigidity. The Big Gripper2 uses a heavy-duty, single piece aluminum frame holder to ensure the best support for all frames. Print repeat-ability and precise X/Y registration are assured. The Big Gripper2 holds frames from a minimum of one inch high to a maximum of two inches. For thinner frames, inquire about our specially-made, custom-sized studs. The Big Gripper2 is used for single and multi color jobs. Additional clamps are available for larger or heavier frames. 

This piece of equipment is much more than simple hinge clamps on steroids. This is a large format screen clamp system that has micro registration for lining up multi colored print work. This unit is attached to a table top or a vacuum table for printing large format flat work. You could print large pieces of fabrics and graphic items like, metal, glass, plastic, posters, fine art papers, corrugated plastic signs and other substrates.




Check out our Accu Glide vacuum table presses which include the Big Gripper and a one person side arm squeegee.