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Hix Premier® Convertible Series 4/2 Rotary Press

by Hix

Hix Premier® Convertible Series 4 Color, 2 Station Rotary Press

The HIX® Convertible Benchtop Rotary Screen Printing Press Series can be placed on a bench top, table top, saw horse, kitchen table, dining room table, or mobile cart system. Any table surface that is capable of handling the heavy build will work just fine. They have a totally tool-free adjustment design with off contact and inclination adjustments built right in. Inclination is also known as screen angle or warp adjustments.

All HIX® screen printers feature micro registration adjustments, dual machined rotary print carousel, and cast and machined head assemble with full parallel off-contact adjustment. This screenprinting press features gas “shocks.” These gas lifts allow for controlled and expedited lifting of all screens from the print surface with minimal effort. This system is very safe for employees and family. The print head will never pop up or jump out of index.

Key Features:

The Press:
The Convertible Series presses come on a bench top stand, standard 16" x 17" aluminum shirt pallets, and rear clamps to create a strong platform by holding the screen away from the back.

Micro-registration allows simple and fast adjustments of the screen to align parallel with printing surface. Screens are leveled and ready to print in a matter of seconds. The head assemblies are cast and machined with full parallel off-contact adjustments. Totally tool-less, on/off contact and inclination adjustments.

All Premier Printers are upgradable as your needs grow. The Convertible Series printer can be upgraded to our floor model, the Rally Series.