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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

M-10 Manual Washout Booth Filtration System

Manual filtration system made with chemical resistant polypropylene for floor drains. M-10 manual operated water filtration system w/50 yards of filter media, 20 microns. Replaceable roll media filter.

During the screen cleaning process, ink and emulsion flow from the washout booth into the M-10 that has been positioned securely underneath the washout booth. After the waste water passes through the roll filter media the first of two filtration chambers fill. When the waste water reaches the top inside divider of the M-10, it transfers to the second chamber. Here any leftover sludge or particulates will settle to the bottom of these 2 chambers. Draining and cleaning of these chambers is done on an as needed basis.

This is a natural gravity fed “coffee filter” style filtration system. Poly Pro construction, chemical resistant and ready to be connected to your floor drain. If your drain is in a wall higher than the discharge point on the M10 you will require a discharge pump to remove the water.

As featured in our YouTube videos.