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Print-A-Round Tabletop Cylindrical 3D Pneumatic Graphic Press

by AWT

Print-A-Round Printer With Pneumatic Drive - CP-100E

Print-A-Round Tabletop Cylindrical 3D Graphic Press. This machine can be configured specifically for your product. Please contact us for a specialized quotation and more information. A small compressor with up to 100 PSI is needed for the operation of this machine. 480-899-9089

The Print-A-Round™ Portable 3D Printer offers an economical and versatile way to enter a whole new dimension of screen printing. With the Print-A-Round, you achieve clear, crisp imaging on a wide range of cylindrical objects. Optional mandrel attachments permit the printing of mugs, can huggers and tumblers. Optional roller attachments are used to print on pens, pencils and larger diameter objects.

The pneumatic model uses a compressed-air connection to automate the print action, thus reducing operator fatigue and ensuring image repeat-ability. Quality, affordability and compact size make the Print-A-Round a perfect addition to even the smallest print shops.

• High-quality 3D printing in a compact,
affordable package
• Ideal for decorating can huggers, mugs, pens,
tumblers and certain types of bottles
• Optional roller attachments provides easy
printing on pens, pencils or objects with a
larger diameter
• Pneumatic operation reduces fatigue and delivers
uniform results at higher production rates
• Manual operation available
• Compact design fits into any size shop
• Perfect for promotional campaigns, fundraising
projects and incentive programs

Standard Features:
• 5” squeegee with double-bevel blade for 3D printing
• Frame holder accepts aluminum or wood frames of up
to 10¼ x 18½” (O.D.) x 7/8” H (26 x 47 x 2.2 cm)
• Height-adjustable holding bar accepts optional tooling
• Pneumatic model (CP-100E) features microswitch for
automated print action
• Mandrel holder bar supports optional mandrels for
huggers, mugs, tumblers and some tapered objects
(samples required)
• Heavy-gauge sheet metal construction for durable operation
• Stroke length adjustment


Options and Accessories:
• Hugger mandrel
• Mug mandrel with handle attachment
(Sample must be submitted for pricing)
• Tumbler mandrel
(Sample must be submitted for pricing)
• Shaft assembly for all cylinder printing attachments
• Roller attachment for pens or small-diameter objects
• Roller attachment for large-diameter objects

CP-SA Shaft Assembly For All Cylinder Printing Attachments - $

CP-HM Hugger Mandrel - $

CP-RAPS Roller Attachment For Pens Or Small Diameter - $

CP-RAPL Roller Attachment For Large Diameter Objects - $

CP-CTP Custom Tapered Parts Attachment - $

CP-MMH Mug Mandrel With Handle Attachment (A Sample Must Be Submitted) - $

CP-YM Tumbler Mandrel (A Sample Must Be Submitted) - *To be Quoted




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