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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

Pro Light 1 Exposure Unit PLS -5698 115v

by AWT

AWT PLS -5698 UVS - Crating Fee $

Up to 54x96 inch screen capacity! Ideal for four-color process work, long run sand extremely fine detail reproduction, A.W.T.’s UV Spectrum lamps offer quicker exposure times (usually less than 60 seconds), depending on the type of emulsion, coating thickness or film being used. Undercutting is minimized during most applications, and the Pro-Light 1™ comes complete with internal safety lights for viewing and setup. A digital timer (standard) ensures exact exposure times, virtually eliminating under/over
exposure of your screens.

Standard Features:
• Quicker exposure time
• Ideal for fine detail, four-color work and long-run screens
• Matched exposure technology accurately hardens
different emulsions
• Yellow safety/inspection lights with safety interlock
• Digital timer for exact exposures

Featuring 30 bulbs with a maximum outer frame dimension of 54x96 inches. 115v, single phase, 60 Hz. The vacuum pump is 3/4 HP at 24 amps.

This is a 120v industrial unit. It has an industrial 3 prong male plug for 20 amp breakers. In homes these 20 amp breakers are often found in the garage or kitchen. It is recommended and suggested that you run this on a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker however it has been known to run effectively on a household 15 amp breaker when dedicated and relatively new. A converting cord may be made by an electrician or purchased online to convert the industrial 120v plug to a standard household plug.