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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

RhinoClean™ Ink Removal System F2536-IR-1

RhinoClean™ F2536-IR-1 Ink Removal System 110v - They are designed for fast, safe and efficient removal of virtually all types of screen printing inks. In conjunction with RhinoClean Screen Wash, screens are quickly reclaimed.

**Call for current pricing please.

Benefits of the RhinoClean™ Ink Removal System:
• Engineered for use with biodegradable solvents
• Eliminates disposal costs
• Eliminates fire hazard
• Reduces excess exposure to solvents for employees
• Recycles and filters solvent for reuse

• Polypropylene Construction
• Chemical-resistant Construction
• Fixed Spray Heads
• Rotating Spray Heads
• Two-sided Cleaning
• Full Spray Coverage
• Grid Filter
• Canister Filter
• Explosion-proof Pump
• Cleaning Cycle Timer
• Top-loading Design

Cleans 1 or 2 frames at a time - up to 25” x 36” frames.