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Catspit Screen Print Supply
HIX Convertible Heavy Duty Tabletop Screen Printing Press

HIX Convertible Heavy Duty Tabletop Screen Printing Press

Here is a quick video about the Hix Convertible screenprinting benchtop press. It has been about 1 year since my last videos were made so hang in there with me as I brush off the dust and get back into the groove. Yes, I think I said fairings instead of bearings. I am not sure, you tell me. Check out this short video touching on the unique features of the Hix tabletop convertible screenprinting press. Please stay tuned for more on this heavily built tabletop press. This machine is built like a tank. Do not forget I am a dealer for Hix. Look at this press on my ecommerce site. Contact me for details, pricing, lead times and more.

Thanks for watching and thanks for being here after about 14 years on YouTube! Thanks to you all.

- Jonathan Monaco
Catspit Productions Inc.

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