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Relax Squeegee, You’re in No Rush to Get Ready

Relax Squeegee, You’re in No Rush to Get Ready

I sell a lot of premade squeegees with wood handles and I also sell quite a few 6 foot rolls of rectangular cut edge textile grade squeegee. When I get them from the manufacturer, they are coiled up in a roll like a rattlesnake in the desert. Therefore when I receive these snaky beasts, I let them roll out and them relax.

Allowing your rolled squeegee to relax flat on a table or the floor if need be, will let the urethane material to rest and lose any curvature it may have. Have you ever bought or made a squeegee only to see the edges to be curved? That’s because most manufacturers and sellers of squeegee rolls keep them rolled up while waiting to be purchased.

Have no fear because the old Cat is here. When I get my stock of 6 foot squeegee rolls, I unroll them and let them lay out flat for a few weeks before I offer them up for sale. They stay that way until you order the screen printing squeegee. Then when you order, they get rolled loosely for shipping. It is recommended that when you receive the squeegee, you unroll it immediately and let it relax.

The 6 foot squeegee rolls you get from Catspit Productions are made by Saati. Then they are prepared by Catspit. Help the old Cat keep helping everyone. Buy from Catspit Productions.

Contact me if you have questions or need help.

- Jonathan Monaco
Catspit Productions Inc.

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