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New Screen Printing Products Available & The Ranar Update

New Screen Printing Products Available & The Ranar Update

I’m excited to bring some new products to you through the Catspit Productions YouTube channel and the ecommerce site. I’ll be featuring the AWT Rototex 6/6 rotary press and the brand new HIX Convertible 4 color 2 station bench top press. Both of these are awesome and feature different advantages.

The HIX Convertible tabletop press is amazing because it is made the same way all of their presses are made. It’s upgradable and can be converted up to the Rally Series floor model. It also has what I will call a double hinged print head. This means the print head brings the screen down in a way that it is parallel to the pallet. This is an extraordinary function for a manual press. I’m very happy to bring this press to your attention.

I’ll also be showing the HIX auto flash and Spectrum LED exposure unit. The infrared auto flash from HIX has a heat sink for efficient operation. The Spectrum is a single point LED exposure unit. It will be a lot of fun to showcase these products.

The AWT Rototex is another super cool screen printing press. It’s machine pinned at the factory for easy setup and reliable assembly. It’s been an award winning press and features state of the art manufacturing. AWT has been a standard in the industry for over 40 years.

Ranar has been bought out by another company. The original owners are now working with the new Ranar to help them get back online as soon as possible. We have Ranar flash cure units and the analogue CBX 2024 available for order. Lead times are about 6 to 8 weeks. Place your order sooner than later if you want one of these inexpensive products. I anticipate more Ranar products to come online by the end of 2023. Stay tuned.        

Remember, you don’t simply need a work horse, as it were. You need a precision piece of equipment and machinery. Let me help you help yourself. After all, a print life is about the printing. I have options for you.

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