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Catspit Screen Print Supply

Catspit's How To Screen Print Tee Shirts Tutorial

The Catspit Tutorial & Consultation Program

This tutorial course contains 10 years of content created by myself. The Catspit Team and I are taking all of the relevant screen printing videos from the Catspit Productions YouTube channel and combining that with the screen printing book I wrote.

Please remember that some of these videos are up to 10 years old. They still have relevant information. Also keep in mind some videos placed in certain lessons will cover more information than that lesson really covers. That means you can watch out for the info on the lesson topic in the video and don’t worry about the extra info. Some videos may be in more than one lesson because of that.

Sign up for $49.99 per month and get access to the Catspit tutorial online which combines all 10 years of video tutorials with all my articles about the process of how to screen print. You will also get 4 – 30 minute phone calls per month for consulting and trouble shooting. One each week is allowed. You may also email me for support as many times as you wish per month. That means you can ask questions by email, receive answers by email and see them posted in the tutorial blog.

You will be able to ask and talk about everything related to running your business including:

Art work Setup
Film Making
Coating Screens
Screen Exposures
Press Set Up
Curing Inks

I have been screen printing since I was 11 years old and today, I am 52. My father has been in the industry since before I was born and helped bring products like the Newman Roller frame to market. When you see that set of vice grips with angle iron welded to the teeth for stretching screens, know that was my father’s invention. He never patented that and today it is still used in many manual screen stretching processes.

I have been on YouTube since 2009 helping people for free. Let us make some new videos together. I operate a true 100% screen printing channel. I throw in an occasional travel or entertainment video but most of my videos are all screen printing. Nothing else. I am known for screen printing and only screen printing.

Come along on a fantastic journey with me. The old Cat still has some tricks and tips for you. Here is your chance to get personal help from Jonathan and Catspit Productions.

I enjoy teaching. I hope you enjoy learning. Let’s get started together. Good luck and Godspeed.

- Jonathan Monaco

$49.99 for a full 30 days access. Go month by month, cancel anytime between months.

Click here for easy access after login in on mobile devices:

Don’t forget screen printing businesses and educational institutions can use this as a tool to teach your new employees or students about the process. Feel free to create a company account and share the login info with your students or employees. You may also login at your location and allow your people access to that computer. Teachers and educators should feel free to use this in class for lessons as well. All we ask is you please be considerate and reasonable when sharing your login info.

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