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Catspit Screen Print Supply - Phoenix, Arizona
Catspit Screen Print Supply

Catspit's How To Screen Print Tee Shirts Tutorial

This tutorial course contains 10 years of content created by myself. The Catspit Team and I are taking all of the relevant screen printing videos from the Catspit Productions YouTube channel and combining that with the screen printing book I wrote.

Please remember that some of these videos are up to 10 years old. They still have relevant information so we will use them until I begin remaking some of these older videos for the community. Also keep in mind some videos placed in certain lessons will cover more information than that lesson really covers. That means you can watch out for the info on the lesson topic in the video and don’t worry about the extra info. Some videos may be in more than one lesson because of that. Eventually we’ll clean things up by remaking shorter dedicated topic videos for specific lesson sections.

If you have any questions or problems on your journey of education and learning, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help. The Catspit Team is counting on you to provide feedback that will help shape the future of this awesome educational platform.

I'm very happy to finally be able to take on a project like this. In all honesty, it’s what I set out to do on a free platform many years ago but it just never had the necessary features to thrive. Now I’ll be able to help more people change their lives by learning a skill and a trade.

That has been one of the most fulfilling parts of my own journey. Having people tell me I changed their life by teaching them how to make a living for themselves is something I never really get used to. But it makes me feel great and it helps drive me to keep going.

I enjoy teaching. I hope you enjoy learning. Let’s get started together. Good luck and Godspeed.

- Jonathan Monaco

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