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Spectrum 25 UV Conveyor Dryer 220v



$9625.00 list price plus $375 crating fee = $10,000.00 total.

Commercial delivery - $50

Residential/School or College Delivery - $80

List Gate Fee - $100

Ranar Spectrum 25 UV Conveyor Dryer 220v - To meet the demanding requirements of your production environment, Ranar proudly offers the Spectrum Compact U.V. Conveyor Dryer. Designed and built by experts in U.V. printing and technology, Spectrum provides unmatched versatility in applications ranging from Graphics and Ad Specialty printing, to coatings and other U.V. processes. As a complement to an existing system, laboratory unit, or as the production center for small substrate operations, the trouble free performance of Spectrum is your assurance of consistent quality curing. 

*Custom belt configuration shown in this product image. See specifications below.


  • Belt 25" Bulb
  • Ozone Free 25 " Bulb with multiple wattage settings - 100-200-300 WPI
  • Adjustable focus with parabolic reflector
  • Vacuum Substrate hold down
  • Digital belt speed control
  • Lamp hour meter
  • Amperage meter
  • Over temperature warning
  • Sturdy one piece construction w/casters
  • Factory warranty
  • Top quality solid state electronics and fan cooled control box.
  • Easy access to bulb, and reflector for maintenance and replacement
  • Entrance and exit light shields
  • Weight 750 lbs


Belt Width

Total Length

Lamp Length

Total Oven Width



Total Watts


in / cm

ft / cm

in / cm

in / cm

in / cm

in / cm

at 300 wpi

single phase

Spectrum 12

18 / 46

5 / 244

12 / 30

24 / 61

15 / 38

15 / 38



Spectrum 25

25 / 64

5 / 152

25 / 64

37 / 94

15 / 38

15 / 38





The factory is closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as all major holidays. Supply orders ship within 3 to 5 business days. Equipment orders have a 2 to 3 week lead time to ship from the date your payment is confirmed and cleared. All standard shipping is provided by UPS ground. Items that ship freight may vary by carrier.

If you have questions, need rush service or personal details need to be arranged for equipment orders please call Catspit Productions. Do not call RANAR. We are a dealer for RANAR; if you call them direct you’re making a purchase from RANAR not Catspit Productions. If you wish to support us and do business with us then please call us direct for all your equipment and supplies needs. We’re happy to help out in any way. 480-899-9089

The warranty information is as follows on all RANAR equipment across the board:

3 years on mechanical. This includes the build of the press and the parts.

2 years on infrared panels for dyers and flash cure units.

1 year on all electrical work.

***Please Note: The Teflon belts are not under any warranty by RANAR or Catspit Productions, LLC. This is due to the ability of the user to mis-track the belt or run the belt too tight causing damage to the belt and/or belt motor. Do NOT over tighten you belt. When in doubt run it just tight enough to move and track but no more.